The lake is the world's earliest and also deepest freshwater lake, including 20 percent of the world's freshwater reserve.

The champions of this year's competition were revealed Friday, July 31. Evgeny Dubinchuk won starting point in the traveling group for his collection on ice skating on Lake Baikal, a rift lake in Russia. Winning pictures captured mountain tops, frozen lakes, enormous falls, strolling grizzly bears and scenes of daily life in Greenland.

In the amateur classification, Irish professional photographer, Jason McGroarty, won. His "Job Totem" series captures minutes of the wild breaching into city barriers, reminding us of the connection between human beings and also wildlife.

Ukrainian digital photographer Motto Dondyuk was revealed as the general winner of the specialist classification with his series called "Society of the Battle," which records 3 months of the Ukrainian transformation in 2013.

Countless professional photographers from throughout the world entered the Art Photography Honors for their opportunity at winning international esteem.

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. With over 20 categories separated for specialist and also amateur degrees of expertise, the competition allowed professional photographers in a range of capability with the opportunity to win the marvelous prize of $3,000 (professional) as well as $2,000 (amateur).

Have a look at the above slide show for pictures of several of this year's victors.

Several of the categories consist of travel, cityscapes, scenic views, nature as well as fine art